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Refund Policy

1. General Provisions
This Refund Policy is designed to outline the procedures and conditions for refunds when clients are not satisfied with the services provided. The policy establishes clear rules and procedures that apply to refund requests.I want to continue to receive useful news and valuable tips and I consent to the processing of my personal data relating to my e-mail address.

2. Responsibility
Company “Business Control Vibe” LLS is committed to providing high quality services and complying with all applicable investment laws and regulations.

3. Terms and Conditions of Refunds
3.1 Unintentional Transactions: In the event of unintentional transactions or technical failures that may result in the loss of funds, the company undertakes to refund the lost funds in full.
3.2 Cancellation of operations: The client has the right to cancel a transaction within a certain time interval from the moment of its execution. Refund is made according to the established conditions and commissions.
3.3 Unsatisfactory quality of services: In case the client is not satisfied with the quality of services provided, the company considers the refund request on an individual basis and makes a decision in accordance with internal procedures.
3.4 Prohibited Transactions: Refunds will not be issued if the transaction was related to illegal actions or violation of company policy.

4. Refund Procedure
4.1 Request Submission: The Client submits a request for a refund by contacting the support team via the contact details provided.
4.2 Review of the request: The company will review the refund request as soon as possible, usually within two working weeks.
4.3 Decision: After reviewing the request, the company will decide whether to issue a refund or explain the reasons for refusal.
4.4 Disbursement of funds: In case of a favorable decision, the company makes a disbursement of funds to the customer's account as soon as possible.

5. Final Provisions
This Refund Policy is an integral part of the general terms of use of the investment platform. The company reserves the right to make changes to the policy without prior notice, but the changes will be published on the official website of the company.